Bark, Woodchip & Mulch

Construction Materials (CML) stocks a wide range of wood chippings, wood bark chippings, wood bark chips, landscaping bark mulch, play bark chippings - a totally natural and environmentally friendly product, with a variety of uses from pathways to play areas, pedestrian walkways to equestrian arenas.

Ornamental Bark Chips

Ornamental bark chips offers an effective way to dress shrub beds, flower borders and window boxes whilst suppressing weed growth and retaining moisture within the soil. It is a golden brown, top grade, landscaping material that offers an attractive finish.

CML has three sizes available:

  • Bark Chips: 20mm-60mm
  • Ornamental Bark Chips: 10mm-30mm

Medium Wood Chippings

Medium woodchip is a slightly darker material than woodchip or play chip and is an ideal material for landscaping, as it blends in subtly with the surrounding scenery.


Landscaping Bark Mulches

All types of mulches are available, from ornamental mulch products to landscaping bark mulch. These products, if applied to a depth of 100mm on a prepared site, should give total weed suppression and moisture retention.


Pathway Wood Chip

Pathway wood chip is a hard-wearing material which is suitable for footpaths and other types of surfaces and provides a comfortable, clean looking finish. Woodchips are renowned for being durable with abundant drainage.


Play Bark Chippings

This play bark chips is designed with the health and safety of children in mind and so complies with BS EN1177 when laid at 300mm depth. It has a particle range of 5-25mm with all other wood matter screened out.


Oversized Bark 20 - 60 mm

Oversized wood bark chips has the same properties as medium chip, except that the chips are screened to a larger size making them more durable.


Playgrade Bark 10-30 mm

CML also produces a quality pine bark which is long lasting and suitable for high impacting ornamental area′s such as for playground surfaces. The playgrade bark complies with BS EN1177.


Coloured Woodchip

CML coloured woodchip is available in blue, green, yellow, natural, brown, red, gold and black. It is made from recycled softwood fibres that bond together to form a stable long-lasting service this will give excellent absorption against impact. Coloured woodchip is a high quality product and is virtually maintenance free.


Pathway Chip
Play Chip
Oversized Bark 20 - 60 mm
Playgrade Bark 10-30 mm

Coloured Woodchip