Eco Range

Eco - Range Products

Construction Materials offers eco friendly building materials including:

  • Eco 3mm Top Dressing
  • Eco-Zone
  • Custom-blended Eco Topsoil which can be mixed to your own requirements using a combination of Topsoil, Greenwaste and Sand.

Recycled Crushed Brick

  • 6mm down Fine Pathway Grade
  • 10mm down Single Size
  • 20mm down Single Size
  • Oversized Mixed Brick 40mm down in size

Roof Soils

CML offers a range of eco friendly roofing materials like green roof systems, brown roofs, green roofs.

  • Our Green Roofing soils offer all the expected benefits for green roof construction, absorbing rainwater, providing insulation and creating a suitable growing medium. We offer both the thicker and heavier intensive soil, which can support a wide variety of planting and the lighter extensive soil, suitable for less dense cultivation.
  • Brown Roofing We supply Brown Roofing material which is a mixture of rubble, gravel and spoil suitable for meeting of specific biodiversity targets, partivulalry in commercial properties and provide a suitable environment to encourage native flora and fauna to develop.

Recycled Crushed Brick
Roof Soils