Roadstone & Reclaimed Stone Materials

Granite and Limestone - MOT Type 1 and Scalpings
Construction Materials (CML) roadstone products can be delivered to all areas at competitive prices.

Products available at CML stone supplier are as follows:

  • MOT Type 1 stone
  • Type 1 roadstone

  • Type 2 stone
  • 40mm Scalping
  • 20mm Down Crushed Stone
  • 3mm to Dust Stone

  • 6mm to Dust Stone
  • Road scalping
  • Type 1 sub base

  • Type 1 aggregate

All of the above grades are available in single size or can be mixed to your own requirements.

Graded Shingle

Shingle is excellent for decorative purposes such as paths, pebble dashing, tarred and shingled areas. It is also good as a drainage layer for golf greens.

Grades available are:

  • 6mm fine shingle
  • 10mm shingle - commonly used in drainage products
  • 20mm shingle - perfect for surface dressing and drainage.
  • 40mm shingle - used generally for drainage purposes and as a small over site filling.
  • 75mm rejects - good for drainage, over sites and as a fill material.
  • Also available in sizes from 150mm-300mm.

Road Planing

Recycled Road Planing

CML Road Planing are screened to 3 different Grades.

  • 10mm Fine,
  • 20mm Medium
  • 50mm Oversized.

Specialist Stone Products

  • Reject Flints
  • Knapped Flints
  • Granite Setts
  • Decorative Stone materials ... loose and bagged

Roadstone Materials
Roadstone Materials
Graded Shingle
Road Planings
Granit setts
Reject Stone