Rootzones & Divot Mixes

Construction Materials Greenspread Organic Compost

Green Organic Rootzones are mixed with Sand and soil and a percentage of organic compost depending on mix, which is then screened and cleaned to produce an 8mm and 5mm material. They are designed to encourage strong growth whilst returning natural nutrients to the land.

  • 70/30 Greenspread Mix (33% Compost)
  • 60/40 Greenspread Mix (13% Compost)
  • 50/50 Greenspread Mix (10% Compost)

Construction Materials USGA Rootzones

All CML′s Materials USGA rootzones are mixed in full accordance with the USGA specification requirements that are as follows:

  • USGA Rootzone

Construction Materials Cheshire & Staffordshire Rootzones

CML′s range of rootzones also includes a set of high quality blends using Cheshire and Staffordshire sands which bring a good consistency to the product.

All of the below are available in rootzones.

  • No. 1 Rootzone
  • No. 2 Rootzone
  • No. 3 Rootzone
  • No. 4 Rootzone

Construction Materials Standard Rootzone Mixes

Designed to our own strict guidelines, these are used widely across the sports turf market and are available in the following formulae:

  • 70/30 Rootzone
  • 80/20 Rootzone
  • 60/40 Rootzone
  • 50/50 Rootzone

Construction Materials Pro-Championship Rootzone

CML′s range of Pro-Championship rootzones is screened to 8mm and then blended with a medium coarse sand to produce any formulation specified by the customer.

  • 70/30 Rootzone
  • 80/20 Rootzone
  • 60/40 Rootzone
  • 50/50 Rootzone