Top Dressing

As an independent supplier of horticultural materials to the leisure and sports turf industries, Construction Materials (CML) offers a full range of quality top dressing, rootzones and divot mixes.

CML aims to suit all requirements, whether you need dressings or a pure mixture of soil. We also have an ample stock of fenland soils, sandy loams and various types of peat.

Our range includes USGA Specification materials, which are particularly suited for all turf care and landscaping maintenance.

CML also supplies a range of environmentally friendly green dressings, which are finely screened and organically mixed using only natural products.

CML Pro-Championship Fine Turf Top Dressing (Sterilised)

All our top dressing are screened to 3mm through a series of square mesh screens, ensuring that all unwanted material is extracted. The material is then placed into a dry store.

  • 70/30 Top Dressing Sterilised
  • 60/40 Top Dressing Sterilised
  • 80/20 Top Dressing Sterilised
  • 50/50 Top Dressing Sterilised
  • Custom Blended Top Dressing to customers' specifications

Other Top Dressing Mixes

CML′s range also includes a set of high quality blends using Cheshire and Staffordshire sands which bring a good consistency to the products:

  • No. 1 Top Dressing
  • No. 2 Top Dressing
  • No. 3 Top Dressing
  • No. 4 Top Dressing

USGA Top Dressing

All CML′s USGA top dressing are mixed in full accordance with the USGA specification requirements that are as follows:

  • USGA Top Dressing

Top Dressings